The next generation eventOS.

Digital experiences, expertly crafted for any event.

Software engineered for peak performance.

Sendrato develops wireless and wearable technologies for managing connected crowds. Our team of scientists, engineers and designers work on systems that unify commerce, analytics and visitor experience.

This is why we launched Sendrato Ventures.

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SuperScale Cashless

Custom-built technology, designed to handle millions of transactions and provide rich data in real-time.

App Development

We develop mobile apps with digital wallets, maps, planners and everything your event visitor needs.

Clever Access

Gate entry, season pass or single experience admission. Our technologies can make it that much more magical.

Event Intelligence

Blend data-streams into meaningful dashboards, segment and communicate with visitors based on activity.

Designed to fit

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Events are our origin. We have built and integrated our systems for festivals, carnivals and sporting events.


Theme Parks, Waterparks and Carnivals of all sizes can rein in the madness and grow their operation on the tools within.


Mobile apps with utility centric systems bring enormous engagement, visitors want to interact... so bring down the barriers.


Bring your venue to life and watch your crowd shine at every game, with real-time data, integrations and visitor engagement with sponsors.

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The word on the street

A view from the outside-in

"I have to really thank you for your hard work on TraXYZ. The system is behaving amazing and is really opening up a lot of ideas for us."

Joel Reeves
Entertainment Manager Disney Hong Kong

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