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Know your crowd

Event control at your fingertips


Go with the flow

Using RFID technology to control access, delivers a variety of benefits to organisers and ticket-holders

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Server based cashless

Cashless payment done the right way

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Crowd Control

Real-time insight in amount of attendees in predefined areas

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In any event

Sendrato is a hardware and software company that develops wearable technology for events ranging from music festivals to sports events, from conferences to trade shows. Our technologies supply our clients with insights in movements and interests of people visiting large scale events, while providing convenience and entertainment for the individual visitor.



Smart Wristband

The Sendrato wristband is part of a product portfolio that allows for complete event management, integrating ticketing, access control, cashless payments, security, crowd control, crew accreditation and mobile visitor apps. The bi-modal active RFID wristband allows for tracking more than 250,000 visitors simultaneously.

Crowd Control / Heat maps

The localisation feature of the wristbands can be leveraged to improve the attendee experience as well as to provide important real-time crowd dynamics data to the security staff. Location information can give guidance to attendees based on real-time location data for example to indicate areas that have reached maximum capacity. Identification of locations that have reached maximum capacity should trigger appropriate actions to resolve these situations as soon as possible. Heat maps provide a quick, visual representation of high and low traffic flow areas.



Crowd Management


Knowledge of visitor density and flow at any given moment significantly improves the safety during a festival. A security manager can perfectly monitor crowd density levels.

Access Control


Simple and fast access control for all areas of your event. All access control supplies can be easily integrated into our system.

Cashless Payments


Sendrato offers a cashless payment solution that is highly secure, fast and independent of infrastructure while supporting real time monitoring.

Brand Activation


Connect your sponsors with your event attendees directly or through social media and turn them into real brand ambassadors!



Track anyone of your staff or all of your valuable assets without having to use bar code scanners or RFID readers.

Attendee Engagement


Let your attendees socialize, vote, like, check in at special locations, post to social media and find their friends to optimize attendee engagement.


No matter what you need to know about your cashless event or your conference, with Sendrato dashboards your real-time management information is at your fingertips!

 Powerful insights

A good understanding of what attendees want and aligning communication with this understanding is of utmost importance for a successful event. Get to know your attendees by knowing who they are and what motivates them! What do they like or dislike? What sponsors or perfomances have they visited? For how long? Where are they from? With Sendrato Smart Wristbands, these insights will be available whenever you need them.