Smart wristbands


A total of 375,000 Smart Wristbands have been used for access control during 3 festival weekends. LED lights on 375,000 smart wristbands have been successfully operated by DMX during mainstage performances, which resulted in very good social media coverage. Heat maps have been successfully used for crowd control purposes. Multiple brand activations have been using the scanning functionality of the Smart Wristbands.
The Tomorrowland Festival an electronic music festival that takes place in Belgium every year since 2005. For the 2014 and 2015 editions of the festival, Sendrato supplied Smart Wristbands.
3D Tracking Solution

Theme Parks

Sendrato's Traxyz solution automatically and accurately tracks people or objects in real time on a stage by spotlight or cameras positioned around the stage.
  • 30cm Accuracy
  • 3D Tracking
Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radio technology is one of the most recent and accurate technologies. UWB technology, unlike other positioning technologies such as infra-red and ultrasound sensor, does not require a line-of-sight (LOS) and is not affected by the existence of other communication devices or external noise due to its high bandwidth and signal modulation.
A Sports ERP System


Sportlink is an enterprise information system used by a large number of Sports Associations in the Netherlands. The Sportlink System offers many functional modules that can be used in various sports organization related processes.
Connected Sportsmen and Sportswomen
Daily users
Social video


Building their own library of content. Easy to produce to a Smart recorder and easy to play out via app and web players or sharing on all social channels.