Our team consists of passionate problem solvers, with specialisations ranging from mechanical engineering and firmware development to full-stack software and product design. We invite challenge and recognise each bespoke delivery as the growth of our venture.


TRAXYZ is your agile follow-spot operator, built on the incredible precision localisation technology Ultra-Wide Band (UWB). Discretely worn sensors communicate with a set of mounted anchors, allowing Traxyz to fullfill the role of the spotlight operator and it allows tracking of multiple performers on stage in Real-Time.


Sendrato TraXYZ is a high performance real-time 2D/3D tracking platform solution that uses UWB tags/wearables. It supports tracking UWB tags up till 40Hz, meaning 40 location updates per second. The accuracy can be below 2cm. Currently the TraXYZ system is used in the most high demanding and critical markets, live entertainment. It’s precise tracking capabilities are used to track artists on a stage. The 3D position of the artists are used to control light fixtures to automatically follow the artist. Nothing can go wrong in live entertainment, the 3D position must be literally “spot on” all the time. The system is deployed in venues all over the world.
The TraXYZ software is deployed on the local server that collects data from the various base stations.


Awareables are a uniquely powerful set of sensors and communication technologies. Internal sensors can track precise movement, detect falls and measure forces of the body, the Awareable can offload data via network or a gateway device to provide your Telehealth professional actionable health-data.

Awareables create a Body Area Network (BAN) by connecting third-party sensors and monitor vital signs, such as: heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation and more...

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Health data and in particular telehealth technology will extend its reach with the simplicity and extendability of Awareables.
Elderly or people who are unable to make regular visits to their health care provider, can provide a stream of health data, via our secure private cloud. A home gateway can ensure connectivity is not lost, by bonding cellular (5G/LTE), home internet and IoT coverage, this ensures that changing your WiFi by accident doesnt risk serious consequences to your health.

  • Localisation and tracking
  • Smart access control
  • Body Area Network (BAN) to integrate third-party health sensors
  • Contactless payment
  • Contact tracing 
  • (Social) distancing alert
  • Privacy-by-Design

The word on the street

A view from the outside-in

"I have to really thank you for your hard work on TraXYZ. The system is behaving amazing and is really opening up a lot of ideas for us."

Joel Reeves
Entertainment Manager Disney Hong Kong

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