The next generation eventOS.

eventOS is your real-time command station for Events and Leisure.
Don’t let your old event management system hold you back.

Automation built for BIG projects

eventOS ties multiple services into a powerful dashboard environment, configuration is fast and the reconciliation is totally customisable.

What's in the Box?

eventOS is a complete picture of your event sellers and visitor interactions, beautifully visualised and fully exportable.


Your dashboard is role-based, making it available to sellers and organisers.  it delivers immediate visual output on the commercial activity on-site.

Visitor Analytics

Apps and smartcards/wristbands make each visitor a part of the eventOS. Your analytics dashboard harnesses this to promote engagement and safety.

Manage Vendors

The eventOS manager is able to Onboard Sellers and Products to the eventOS system, Sellers can now magically logon to Point-of-Sale devices.

Customer Support

Empower your customer support via visitor search, e-commerce orders and on-site purchases, even create refunds or withdrawals from a simple interface.

Advanced Encryption

eventOS and its financial platform are encrypted and transactions cannot be modified.

Device Management

Track the location, operator and even battery levels of your events staff devices, all from the dashboard.

What can you
do with eventOS?

or... what would you do without it?

Data Visualisation

Watch the cashless top-up figures, as visitors plan and commit days ahead. See gate entry, redemptions and purchases fill the data visualisations.
Your dashboard is built to show you exactly what you need.


eventOS provides simple self-setup features in onboarding. Create your sellers and associated products, connect locations (attractions) and invite individual staff as operators. These settings are instantly available on your payment devices.


Each dashboard comes with advanced filters, slice out your days, hours, sellers and hit download. You can export your data at any time, in as much detail as you require (or your accounting software can digest).