Cashless Payments

A cashless payment experience is frictionless and lightning fast.
Providing automated accounting and visitor insights.

What's Cashless about?

Cashless creates a payment experience that is fun and stress-free for visitors.


Cashless takes away lengthy counting or card approvals, each transaction completes in sub-second times, freeing up staff to provide the best experience.

Visitor Analytics

Apps and smartcards/wristbands make each visitor a part of the eventOS. Your analytics dashboard harnesses this to promote engagement and safety.

Manage Vendors

The eventOS manager is able to Onboard Sellers and Products to the eventOS system, Sellers can now magically logon to Point-of-Sale devices.

Customer Support

Empower your customer support via visitor search, e-commerce orders and on-site purchases, even create refunds or withdrawals from a simple interface.

Advanced Encryption

eventOS and its financial platform are encrypted and transactions cannot be modified.

Versatile Hardware

Our Cashless devices can be hybrid payment terminals, accepting all major bank cards or our rugged tablets and handhelds.

Visitor App

Your visitor gets maximum utility with a wallet-first mobile app, let visitors plan at home and welcome them on arrival with push notifications.


Manage a family visit with easy transfer and top-up.


Pinch, Pan and Zoom around the event maps.


Plan and explore with rich CMS driven attractions.

Cashless Core

Build magical experiences on our Cashless Core

Payment Experience

An event with Cashless at the core can direct resources toward visitor experience. When each payment is completed at sub-second speed your team can focus on quick service. Your event staff can utilise our handheld and ruggedised devices to empower individual staff, to perform the task of many. Visitors can engage with your event with Cashless Credits, Vouchers, Tokens or Dollarydoos.. it’s really up to you!


Insights gained through Cashless visitors can be explored in eventOS, transactions are like breadcrumbs, use them alongside linked data-points to better segment and communicate with your visitor, fine-tuning your event. Safety teams can review heat maps, and sponsors can offer rewards to visitors passing by activations, even “unlocking” a prize.


Imagine closing for the day and finding the business activity counted and complete, now imagine the process had been happening in real-time.
Events deploy enormous temporary systems to manage cash, point-of-sale and banking, these systems are all sewn into the fabric of eventOS.
Integrations allow payment terminals to be allocated to your on-site sellers, cashless terminals as tablets or handhelds issued, all from our onboarding suite.
eventOS provides your sellers their own dashboards and reporting, if a revenue share is in-place, reports reflect this split in real-time. Exporting reports in a few simple clicks.


A SmartCard is versatile, familiar & easily shared.
Loadable via TopUp. Managed via Apps.


Sendrato engineered it's first edition Smart Wristbands for Tomorrowland (Belgium).

NFC Wristband

These are essential to cashless events, one on every wrist. Offered in paper, woven or silicone you can customise the appearance to your brand. Colours can also be used to enable colour-coded identification of minors, VIPs and others. Tap your Wristband on our mobile-app to unlock top-ups, transfers and any engaging magic we build together.

Smart Wristband

Sendrato Award Winning Smart Wristbands have illuminated massive crowds at Tomorrowland Belgium, with LED lights dancing along to the stage-light commands.
These wristband can provide long-range Access Control, Visitor Location, Cashless Experiences and have been extended to allow Magical Social connections by pressing two bands together for friend-connect.

Ultra-Smart Wristband

Our latest wristband is co-devloped with our Awareable technology, featuring Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) along with Bluetooth LE (BLE) and other powerful communication means. It delivers <50cm accurate 3D location, connects to other sensors and opens up totally new opportunities.