Sendrato Wearables for Smart Events

Compared to nowadays common RFID based wristbands, a Sendrato wristband takes a giant leap forward. Sendrato wristbands can do anything that ordinary RFID wristbands can do. It can be used for access control, cashless payments, social media interaction, crowd control and brand activations. Hence, anything that RFID-based companies advertise with on their websites, the Sendrato wristband can provide. However, zooming in to some of these allegedly claimed functionality is actually quite cumbersome when used in practice. Any festival goer will agree that social media interaction is not quite what you would expect of it in this modern online world. It is not the same experience as flipping your smartphone from your pocket and sharing a special moment with those who could not make it do this great event your attending. When you are listening to this great performance, after finally finding this perfect spot in front of the stage, you do not want to leave your hard fought position for doing a social media checkin to share this with your friends. At the same time, when you lost your friends in the crowd, desperately seeking them, while your cell phone is refusing to operate, you want to be able to locate them fast and easy.

A Sendrato wristband can appear in multiple bracelet incarnations. It could be a leather bracelet, a textile wristband or a silicon wearable. What really matters is in the inside.

Festival organizers will definitely admit that crowd control is not exactly what they expected in the first place. In the mind of the Security Manager he expects real-time instantaneous insight in the complete crowd all over the festival. How many visitors are currently standing in front of the main stage? How busy is this particular part of the food court? When looking for a certain individual, who could be a security threat, you want to locate this person as soon as possible, in order to send you security staff in the right direction.
All this wonderful functionality is in fact not possible with those state-of-the-art acclaimed RFID wristbands. This is where our smart wristband solution enters the field. In this respect Sendrato wristbands are truly state-of-the-art. They do offer ubiquitous crowd control features and non intrusive social media interaction and much more. The main enabler for all of this being: bi-directional long range radio communication. This is a fancy phrase for a technology that all of us are using every day at home and in our jobs. This is exactly what WiFi or Bluetooth (BLE) does. However, we did not implement WiFi/BLE in our Sendrato in our smart wristbands. If the solution was that easy any RFID-based wristband company would have already implemented this. The reason why it is not so easy can be found in the following: cost, energy consumption and large masses. WiFi is  not very good in all of these areas. It is costly, consumes a lot of energy and completely fails when thousands of people are trying to use it. Of course, our solution is not made for streaming YouTube videos and syncing your Dropbox with your phone. BLE is not so very good for use in large masses, it also fails when thousands of BLE transmitters are packed together in a small area. But, we can realise all of the aforementioned functionality for low costs, low power consumption and for very large crowds. Sendrato smart wristbands enable a level of interaction that enables the crowd to be part of the show. Our wristbands do not have a full fledged LED screen, that would compromise the cost factor, but they do feature two RGB LEDs that makes them part of a light show. It can be used to alert certain staff about an incident that took place. At the same time, the wristbands communicate with a special radio-network infrastructure to report their position or information from integrated sensors like temperature, battery level and a push button. Especially the push button can be used to facilitate hassle-free social media interaction. Instead of walking to a check-in station, a visitor can interact directly and instantaneously with a simple button right at their wrist. Also it can be used to “connect” two wristbands together in order to facilitate exchange of business cards or implement a friend connect.