TECHNOLOGY:  RFID wristbands, Sendrato network, local server-based cashless payments
INDUSTRY:         Festivals
GEOGRAPHY:    Sydney, Australia



cashless payments, customised real-time dashboard





Stereosonic is one of Australia’s most loved electronic music festivals, kicking off the start of summer. For the VIP area of Stereosonic Sydney (November 28th) and Stereosonic Melbourne (December 5th), Sendrato implemented a fast performing and robust online cashless system, in co-operation with Adyen.

1200 RFID Wristbands

8 POS Terminals Festival weekends

2 Onsite Topup stations


1,250 RFID wristbands have been used for cashless payments,  through 8 POS terminals, with mixed cashless and cash payments and 2 on-site pop-up stations.


Cashless Payments


Sendrato Cashless

The Sendrato cashless system differentiates itself from other systems on the market by the fact that everything takes place online. This way transactions are not only very fast, but also super safe. On top of that, the organisation can monitor everything real-time.

The implementation of cashless solutions, thanks to Sendrato, was undoubtedly one of the main factors that contributed to the success of Stereosonic 2015. Sendrato products and solutions made the running of the festival – from bar sales to crowd control to social media engagement to brand activation analysis – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone. The wristbands created a completely cash free voucher system that was wildly successful, according to patrons and employees alike. Sendrato has great technology and excellent implementation in the field.

- Dave Rubin,  GM Operations at SFX Totemlogo_retina

The Sendrato app

Through the use of a special Sendrato app (smartphone) which can also be integrated in an existing event app, the visitor has insight in his or her own transactions, can top up his or her wristband and also transfer tokens to another wristband to make it possible to get drinks for other people. It’s also possible to have 1 “account” for multiple wristbands so friends can make purchases with their wristbands as long as it’s connected to that specific account.



Event dashboard

The Stereosonic organizers benefitted greatly from the Sendrato event dashboard which a.o. total revenue, top-up, most popular products, highest performing vendors and transactions.