Staff Tracking

 Quick and accurate localisation of your staff

Have you ever tried to find one of your (security) staff members in case of an incident? Tried to call him or her several times on the radio? Had to find someone else to take over? Sendrato's Staff Tracking solution is the answer. Wearing our Ultra Smart Wristband or another type of wearable tag, your (security) staff members will continuously be tracked  and can be localised ten times more accurate than GPS anytime.

It's even possible to communicate with your staff members by sending short text messages to their wristbands. Staff member can also make notifications themselves by using the button or the microphone on the wristband.

Real-time localisation

UWB technology

BLE for integration with smartphone

Multiple sensors and actuators

Camera tracking

RFID for tag management

Also applicable for asset tracking or HSE related problems

The Staff Tracking solution which can be used at indoor and outdoor events, can be a wristband or another type of wearable tag that allows for very accurate (< 30 cm) tracking and can also be implemented for asset tracking or to assist in HSE related problems in hars/dangerous environments for example to prevent a worker to enter forbidden areas or presenting contextual (using time, space and worker profile) information on the wristband screen to help the worker perform e.g. maintenance work or information about (local) incidents.

The UWB infrastructure is easily installed. Only a few anchors need network connectivity, most of the anchors only need power.


High tracking accuracy


Easy installation


Real time


Wristband or other type of wearable


Multiple types of communication

EU project MONICA

Sendrato's Staff Tracking solution is also being further developed and deployed in the subsidised European project MONICA.

The Ultra Smart Wristband

With a 1.4" LED screen, multiple sensors, and a microphone, the Ultra Smart Wristband is a true state-of-the are piece of innovation.

Features and Benefits


Wearing an Ultra Smart Wristband, your staff member can be notified in multiple ways. Through messages on the wristband screen or by a buzzer.


Alerts and detection

Your staff member can also alert fellow staff members anywhere e.g. in the control room by using the microphone or by using the button. The wristband can detect fast movement as well as no movement

Notifications & alerts