New Cashless

Cashless payments are upcoming. More and more events are switching over to this method of paying. While lots of events already have exchanged cash for tokens, there is now a clear trend towards paying with an RFID chip. This chip is usually hidden in a card or a wristband.

This wristband is loaded with a certain amount of money prior to the event. During the event, payments are made by tapping the wristband on a special reader. When balance is running low, the wristband can be topped up during the event by visiting a top-up station or with an app on a smartphone. After the event, the balance can be refunded to the owner of the account.

- 15% increase in spend
- Reducing of on-site cash

- Track hot-selling merchandise and top-performing vendors

- Refunds either on-site or online

- Ensure that product mix and production are in line with what the audience wants

- Streamlined processing to access popular payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and American Express

-All modern forms of contactless payments supported, including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay

- Opportunity for vendors to offer interested customers special offers and marketing programs
- Insight in post-event sales and business analyses
- Track hot selling merchandise and top performing vendors

Local Server Based

The account balance is stored on a central server requiring an always online, reliable data network (Sendrato Plexus). Using Plexus, cashless payments are safe (hack-proof) and extremely fast. Server-based cashless payments enable users to transfer tokens to other wristbands (friends and family), have a shared wallet and automated top-up. Next to that, event organizers have real-time insight in everything that is going on regarding transactions. Lost wristbands can be replaced with the correct balance.

Faster transaction times

Advanced Top-up

Stolen or lost wristbands easily replaced with correct balance

Real-time monitoring of revenue totals and vendors instant sales reporting

Flexible and customised Point-of-Sale (POS) system for each bar/vendor

Customised point of sales

You can choose mobile or desktop PoS devices. These devices can be programmed per vendor, are easy to handle and require no training. When needed, products or price lists can easily be adjusted.
In case of WiFi network failure, the PoS terminals switch over to SIM back-up to ensure 100% uptime.

Real-Time Reporting

Using a fully customisable (mobile) dashboard live monitoring of a.o. top-up, sales, most popular products, amount of attendees on-site is a piece of cake

Features and Benefits

Digital wallet

With your personal Digital Wallet, the wristband can be loaded online (prior to event), during the event or even topped-up automatically. You can check your balance and transaction history whenever you like. The Digital Wallet can be a accessed making use of a website or it can be integrated in a specific event app.


Shared account and transferring tokens

Do you want to have a shared account for your group? With your Digital Wallet is it easy to link multiple wristbands to one single cashless account. Just want to give some tokens to your friend? No problem, with an app you can easily transfer tokens to your friend’s wristband.

Features digital wallet

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