The MONICA project is a large-scale demonstration of how cities can use IoT technologies to meet sound, noise and security challenges at big, open-air cultural and sports, which attract and affect many people.


DEXELS, parent company of Sendrato, is responsible for customising, delivering and deploying the wristbands with sensors and actuators which will be used in the demonstrations. DEXELS will also deliver and install the 900MHz and UWB wireless communication infrastructures. Furthermore, DEXELS is a leading partner in the requirement engineering work, responsible for use cases definition and initial user requirements.

2017 - 2019

6 European cities

More than 100,000 application users

10,000 people participate in evaluations

Six cities, sixteen events, multiple applications

The solution will be deployed in six major cities in Europe involving more than 100,000 users in total.







Enhance sound perception and reduce noise

Sound zones are established at open-air concerts to enhance the sound experience for concertgoers and performers while at the same time mitigating the noise for neighbours

Strengthen crowd safety and security

Applications involving the use of cameras, tethered airships and wearables will enable security personnel to capture real-time data about crowd size and density for the purpose of analysing, predicting and handling emerging incidents.

Improve user experience

Communication to customers, crowds and citizens is improved by the use of mobile apps and IoT wristbands with value-adding features, enabling people to interact with and locate each other.

The technical concept

To support the applications, MONICA deploys a cloud-based platform, wirelessly connecting and handling several IoT-enabled devices whether fixed, worn or moved around. Control systems monitor the data collected and can perform automated actions based on the information gathered. The platform also consists of components which analyse data and detect critical incidents, supporting operators in assessing the situation and making decisions.

Features and Benefits

MONICA will demonstrate 3 ecosystems which involve the entire chain of stakeholders and their needs



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