TECHNOLOGY:   Smart wristbands, 900 MHz UHF RFID
INDUSTRY:          Conferences
GEOGRAPHY:     Seattle (WA), USA


counting and tracking of attendees during Avanade TechSummit 2016, profile exchange, LED control, brand activations, real-time dashboard





Every year, Avanade’s TechSummit conference takes place in Seattle and in 2016, Sendrato supplied smart wristbands for the event attendees.  Sponsors of the event were able to connect with their target group and a simple button click allowed event attendees to connect with each other during the event.



Event Dashboard

The Sendrato Event Dashboard was used to monitor the wristbands, infrastructure, base stations and RFID readers. The 9 different rooms of the Microsoft Conference Center have been displayed on the dashboard to visualise the number of attendees that were in the room at that given time.


In total 8 base stations have been installed. All base stations were powered by PoE injectors. In the sponsor room a total of 11 RFID readers were deployed, one for each sponsor.


Once a year we invite our best people to a conference we call TechSummit to learn, share client stories, and be inspired. To create an immersive attendee experience, we partnered with Sendrato to develop a customized wearable. Sendrato was easy to work with and their expertise in supporting large events with digital experiences made for a phenomenal conference experience for our employees and vendors.

- A. Reich, Avanade Inc.

700 Wristbands

974 Wristband connects

8 Basestations


  • 700 smart wristbands customized with Avanade colors and logo
  • APIs to enable activation and matching of attendees
  • Wristband to glow orange during certain keynotes
  • Counting and tracking of attendees in specific sessions
  • Dashboard to display key figures
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Brand activations (sponsor booth)
  • Exchange profiles


Led Control


Crowd Control


Brand Activation

LED Control

The Sendrato wristbands have integrated LED Lights that can be programmed on the basis of client requirements.
During the Avanade event the LED lights would light up during certain keynotes.
After every event, the Sendrato wristbands are being recycled.