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About us

Our technologies supply our clients with insights in movements and interests of people visiting large-scale events, while providing convenience and entertainment for the individual visitor.  Sendrato BV was founded by Dexels BV in late 2013 to service the event & leisure industries and immediately met the needs of Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival.

Dexels is a software development company founded in 2000 by two researchers from the University of Amsterdam and the CWI (the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in The Netherlands). They saw a growing need for Service Oriented Computing and they architected and developed a Service Oriented Framework. The company has since worked on large scale projects in the Oil, Banking, Engineering and Sports sector. In 2007 Dexels was honored by Sun Microsystems with a Duke’s Choice Award at the Java One Conference in San Francisco.

The success of Sendrato in their event & leisure deployments, attracted the support of Next Payments and investment from Macquarie Group (Australia). 

Sendrato BV

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